Kentucky Moon

Nettles in Bloom!




nettle fleurs (534x800)Behold! the silvery cascades of nettle sex.

nettle fleur 2 (800x534) Teeny tiny individual flowers on dangling catkins. This plant’s scientific name is Urtica dioica, referring to the fact that it is dioecious, which means the male and female flowers are on separate plants. I’m not sure if these are male or female flowers, further research needed! Someone once told me that the female flowers hang down and the male flowers point up, rather Erectly…but I take that with a grain of salt.P1190533 (800x534) P1190534 (800x534)P1190536 (800x534) Oo. here you can see clearly the hypodermic spikes that send an interesting cocktail of chemicals (including many kinds of acid, and seratonin) into your skin when you touch the plant.


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