Hello! I am an herbalist and artist living in beautiful, rural central Kentucky. After years of studying plants, herbalism and nature in various ways, including a stint as an environmental restorationist in Seattle, an intern at the Herb Pharm in Oregon, and several years of running a market garden here on the farm, I spent 2012 studying herbal medicine at the Chestnut School, under the tutelage of the brilliant Juliet Blankespoor.

In early 2013, I launched Kentucky Moon Herbals, a line of herbal products that I hope will bring some extra goodness and beauty into peoples’ lives. I am growing many of the ingredients I use, with the goal of growing the vast majority! Of course, no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers will EVER be used on my plants!

I hope you enjoy this little green corner of cyberspace. Thanks for visiting!



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  1. Heee-aaay! (Not sure how to spell it) I told Will, the 7 year old I take of, that I’d traded the King for a wool and cow bone piece. Later on in our conversation he asked if we could go to my studio after school. I said, “Sure!”, but i was curious about why. He said, “I have GOT to see that wool and bone art!” Cool kid.

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